Pre-Wedding Shoot

Pre wedding photo shoot also known as engagement shoot is a photo shoot that take place  3 to 6 months before the wedding. As Pre wedding photo shoot has become a necessity for lot of couples nowadays, as Pre wedding photo shoot is a growing trend where couples decide to do professional photos to be taken on a specific location before their wedding.

Pre wedding photo shoot is the way of happiness and joy for people, before getting married.  It shows paralleled love in the eyes of couple for each other, it is important to capture for those couples who are in as a lifetime memory and moment worth watching. Biznsking providing pre wedding photo shoot services that helps creating a timeless memory experience for wedding couples.

Pre wedding photoshoot benefits


  • Get awesome pictures from the time you were engaged with each other and save the date cards and signing boards for lifetime memories.


  • Experience the anti stress therapy with chatting, laughing, hugging and kissing your partner  on the photo shoot day before wedding.


  • Pre wedding photo shoot will make you more closer with each other if you are having arranged  marriage.


  • It develops a lifetime chemistry between you and your partner.


  • You will get  more comfortable  and relaxed on your wedding day.


  • Experience the amazing feeling after watching those photographs,  and make jealous your friends by uploading them on Facebook, Instagram and on your DP


  • Feel more inspired and excited for your wedding day after the photo shoot,  because it will motivate you to look more beautiful on your wedding photographs with photo shoot poses ideas


  • You will be able to practice freely the nice poses practical knowledge how to look the best on your wedding pictures



 What is the Purpose of Pre wedding Photo Shoots?

You will not realize pre wedding photo shoots worth before the wedding, but we are 100% sure to cherish the moments after when these photos will tell you how it all started. They will definitely bring smile on your face as time pass on and you will remember the moments spent together with love.

Does it really worth?

As you see these photos shoot, took by Biznisking professional photographers and frame on your wall, they will give you the reason to rememorize all your wedding moments. Pre wedding photo shoots strengthen the bond that always makes them worth?

There are so many important components that must be considered before choosing your wedding photographer. Many questions might be arising in your mind including the expenses of the photography and the time you need to extract for that and the most important that the package meets your financial requirements or not?  What we believe is that you deserve the best quality services, customer care and satisfaction at affordable prices. 


We totally understand that the wedding photographer selection can be overwhelming, but choosing a professional photographer will never disappoint you  during your married life.


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